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The following signs may indicate a problem: Do you feel restless or irritable when attempting to cut down or stop gambling?

There are several accredited courses, qualifications and workshops available to counsellors that can improve their knowledge of a particular area, so for peace of mind you may wish to check to see if they have had further training in matters of addiction. GamCare National helpline number: Steps to st. louis casino package deals gambling - helping yourself Although there is no substitute for professional help, here are some simple and practical measures to reduce gambling: CBT helps you to work out more helpful ways of thinking and behaving. The College has produced a comprehensive set of guides covering a whole range of mental health issues. If you get help, you will feel better and avoid many problems with your life and health.

Compulsive gambling signs, causes and treatment, search for a counsellor or It will also provide insight into gambling addiction help in the form of counselling. Advice and help for gambling addiction problems from Castle Craig residential 12 step programme combined with therapy at the UK's top addiction rehab clinic. Close. Home · Confidential Help; Problem gambling support services you know, has a gambling problem via a network of treatment providers across Britain.

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